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A list of vegan and animal rights films, documentaries and free videos. Earthlings, Peaceable Kingdom: The Journey Home, Cowspiracy, Unity and other films.

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A vegan dating and relationship site for all. If you’re looking for that special someone look no further.

about, about us, The Vegan Sandwich, sandwich, veganWelcome to The Vegan Sandwich online vegan community. The site is still in development and many pages are still under construction. If you find an error or would like to contribute to the website contact us or visit volunteer opportunities.

Our mission is to educate and transition people to the vegan lifestyle as well as give support to those who are already vegan. Our goal is to spread the vegan message to millions of people around the world through our online community, videos and other mediums.

Who We Are
The Vegan Sandwich is an new online vegan community, started in 2015, that contains a plethora of content to help transition and educate and support people on the vegan. The online community brings together many various online mediums with an extensive why vegan section, blog, online forum and events, directory with store and restaurant guide, online store, recipes, videos, articles and books, photos, interviews, podcast and more. The Vegan Sandwich also hosts and operates their own bi-weekly conference call and podcast which launched in February 2015. It is a jam packed fun show for everyone, with news, event listings, guest interviews, music and support and discussions all by phone conference call. Most sessions are recorded as MP3 podcasts or video and uploaded to the Internet.

There is a cookbook in the works. Stay tuned for more on this!

Founders and Directors
Founded and hosted by Michael Lanfield, author of The Interconnectedness of Life, Michael is an educator, author and filmmaker. He became vegan in 2009 after his spiritual awakening when he realized that everything was interconnected and the violence that he was causing to nonhuman animals for food and other products. Michael is a certified World Peace Diet facilitator and taught and inspired by Dr. Will Tuttle.

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